How I Trained My Pet

Do you have a pet that is peeing on your carpet?

Even if your pet is already trained to pee outside, you may find yourself running into this problem one time or another. It is a terrible thing when your pet pees on the carpet. It can leave stains and nasty odors that are extremely difficult to get out. Sometimes when you have a pet that is trained to pee outside, they do not always do it. There are many different reasons why a pet may pee on your carpet when they were trained to go outside and here are some of the reasons:

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Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Everyone has their own personal preference for having a pet, even when it comes to if they like cats or dogs more than the other. They are both two very different animals but are also very similar in ways you have to care for them.I personally believe that cats are better than dogs for many reasons and I will tell you why. I think cats are better because they are a lot easier than having a dog and require a lot less attention.

If you are a busy person and not home often, a cat would be a better pet for you because they do not need you to be home to care for them all of the time like a dog would need you to be. Dogs are very needy and cats are very self-sufficient in a lot of ways.  This is the same thing I spoke to my friend about who owns a long island limo company.  He works a lot and is never really home to take care of a dog.  For busy people, I think cats are better.

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Pets Are Like Kids

If you own any pets, you will know that they are a lot like having kids. This is true in almost every aspect, but the biggest difference is obviously that they are an animal and not a human. Sometimes people do not want to have any kids of their own, so they decide to have pets instead.  This was true of a friend of mine, who successful in the network marketing industry.  He didn’t want to have kids, but loved the idea of having a pet in his home.

Even with making a decision like this, it will still be as if you are caring for kids. The biggest differences in having pets over kids are that you will be saving much more money on supplies for them, they are a lot easier to care for, they do not live as long if you wanted something that is shorter term, and much more. Pets do still require just as much attention as a human child would though, and it is very important that they get it so they do not develop behavioral problems or “cage boredom”.

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Pet Owning Tips

If you love and own any pets like we do, you will know that any tips and tricks that you can find on owning them and having them in your home will come in handy. We love our pets and are all about sharing any secrets with you that we can. Whether you have a cat, dog, bird, or fish, we have had a little bit of everything so we know what it is like to own any of them. Even having something as simple as a fish can require some tips on how to care for them better or make it so that their environment stays clean longer so that you do not have to spend all of your time cleaning it, and instead enjoying it.

We know that having pets can be just as much work to care for them as it is going to our regular day jobs, so we want to be able to help you in any way that we can with the information we already have and use in our everyday lives.

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