How I Trained My Pet

Do you have a pet that is peeing on your carpet?

Even if your pet is already trained to pee outside, you may find yourself running into this problem one time or another. It is a terrible thing when your pet pees on the carpet. It can leave stains and nasty odors that are extremely difficult to get out. Sometimes when you have a pet that is trained to pee outside, they do not always do it. There are many different reasons why a pet may pee on your carpet when they were trained to go outside and here are some of the reasons:

  • Pets sometimes get mad at their owners and show it through peeing on the carpet.
  • They can’t hold their pee in any longer.
  • They did not have to pee when they were taken outside the first time, so they peed inside.
  • The pet is still in training.
  • The area they like to pee in is not cleaned up. This could be a litter box or an area of the yard.

If you have a pet that is peeing on your carpet inside of your home, there are a few different things you can do to stop this and prevent it from happening anymore. If you have a pet that uses a litter box, you will want to always make sure that the little box is cleaned frequently, or even have a second litter box for back-up. There are also special sprays you can buy to spray in areas that have been peed on so that they stay away from those areas. A special litter is also available that will attract your litter box trained pet to their litter box so they do not pee on your carpet.

Sometimes They Have An Accident

Sometimes a litter box trained pet pees on their owners carpet because they just have a bad behavior, which is something that would have to be corrected through punishment.

Pets that are trained to pee outside, such as dogs, also have a few methods to get them to pee outside rather than inside and on your carpet. They make special pee posts that you can put outside that have special scents on them so that your dog will want to pee outside and on that post, rather than inside and on your carpets. If your dog is an extreme problem with the peeing inside, they make special patches of grass to put inside for your dog to pee on so you can train and show them that the grass is where they have to pee, not the carpet. If none of these methods work out for you and your pet, you may have to seek help through a trainer that can address the issue more in depth and hopefully solve your problem. Sometimes a trained professional is the only way to stop bad habits like these but it is always worth it in the long run!

No one wants to have to give up their pet because it is peeing on their carpets.  Take a look at this video below about how to train a pet.  There are some really great tips.