Pets Are Like Kids

If you own any pets, you will know that they are a lot like having kids. This is true in almost every aspect, but the biggest difference is obviously that they are an animal and not a human. Sometimes people do not want to have any kids of their own, so they decide to have pets instead.  This was true of a friend of mine, who successful in the network marketing industry.  He didn’t want to have kids, but loved the idea of having a pet in his home.

Even with making a decision like this, it will still be as if you are caring for kids. The biggest differences in having pets over kids are that you will be saving much more money on supplies for them, they are a lot easier to care for, they do not live as long if you wanted something that is shorter term, and much more. Pets do still require just as much attention as a human child would though, and it is very important that they get it so they do not develop behavioral problems or “cage boredom”.

If you have pets and kids or even not, you will know how similar the two are. Just like having human children, pets have to be fed every day. You can’t go a day without feeding your pet or it will become severely hungry and may even starve to death if not fed. Some pets may even need to be on special diets because of food allergies or weight problems, which is another reason they are a lot like children.

You have to feed your pet the proper diet or it could become sick and die. Pets also are a lot like children in the sense that they always want treats and like to get into things that they are not supposed to. So, just like you would keep the cookies in a cabinet higher up so your child can’t reach them, you will want to do the same thing with your pet otherwise you might have a sick dog.

Whether you have a pet or children, both require to be “potty trained”. If you do not train your pet to use a designated area for peeing, then you will find that your pet is going to pee in your home and maybe on some of your possessions. This can become a huge issue and get out of hand very quickly if not addressed and trained properly.  Just like children need to go to school and have teachers, you sometimes have to get a trainer for your pet so that they can learn proper behavior or cool tricks.

The same goes with getting health check-ups. The same way you would take your child to see the doctor every so often to make sure their health is well and nothing is going on that you can’t see, you have to take your pet to the vet every so often as well. Pets also need medical treatments too, and can even develop allergies just like a child can. Pets are a lot like children in a lot of ways and many more that are not mentioned in this article.