Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Everyone has their own personal preference for having a pet, even when it comes to if they like cats or dogs more than the other. They are both two very different animals but are also very similar in ways you have to care for them.I personally believe that cats are better than dogs for many reasons and I will tell you why. I think cats are better because they are a lot easier than having a dog and require a lot less attention.

If you are a busy person and not home often, a cat would be a better pet for you because they do not need you to be home to care for them all of the time like a dog would need you to be. Dogs are very needy and cats are very self-sufficient in a lot of ways.  This is the same thing I spoke to my friend about who owns a long island limo company.  He works a lot and is never really home to take care of a dog.  For busy people, I think cats are better.

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