Pets Are Like Kids

If you own any pets, you will know that they are a lot like having kids. This is true in almost every aspect, but the biggest difference is obviously that they are an animal and not a human. Sometimes people do not want to have any kids of their own, so they decide to have pets instead.  This was true of a friend of mine, who successful in the network marketing industry.  He didn’t want to have kids, but loved the idea of having a pet in his home.

Even with making a decision like this, it will still be as if you are caring for kids. The biggest differences in having pets over kids are that you will be saving much more money on supplies for them, they are a lot easier to care for, they do not live as long if you wanted something that is shorter term, and much more. Pets do still require just as much attention as a human child would though, and it is very important that they get it so they do not develop behavioral problems or “cage boredom”.

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