Why We Have This Blog

Our pets are our best friends, they bring us comfort and joy and cheer us up when we are feeling down, they are always there for us and they love us unconditionally. Pets bring us so much happiness and in return we both feel loved and a lasting bliss.

Despite all the care involved for our animals, they are so much easier to make happy then it seems to be to make people happy. Our pets are our companions and we enjoy their company just as much as they enjoy ours and receiving love from us. Our pets are family members and as family members we want to make sure they are happy and healthy and safe at all times. Our pets are also like children and we have to make sure they are safe from harmful chemicals as well as choking hazards or anything that may harm them.

Some examples are ensuring that our cabinets are pet/child proof because as everyone knows, cats as well as other pets are very smart and can open cabinets and closet doors and get into and eat mouse/rat poison and other hazardous chemicals. These are some reasons why it is very important to be careful of what you leave lying around or accidentally drop without noticing.  It is also vital that we make sure our pets have routine health examinations.

Treat Them Like Humans

They deserve the same health check ups that we get for ourselves and our children because our pets are just like “our children”, and even though they can’t say “thank you” for all the love, care, and attention we give them, they thank us in their unconditional loving ways by purring, snuggling, jumping on us or something as simple as a lick to the face. We also believe that people do not own pets, pets own people. This is because us humans provide for our pets and do it at no cost to them. We work for our money and a lot of that money goes to our pets, not the other way around.

As animals lovers, we absolutely hate to see or hear about any kind of animal abuse done to any kind of animal. All animals deserve to have a happy and healthy life and it saddens us to see people getting pets when they do not want to take on all of the responsibility of having one. We are the kind of people to take action and help prevent any kind of animals abuse if it is in our power. The protection of pets is very important and goes inline with the care that they deserve to have. Animals are so loving and deserving of our love and passion that we had to tell you why we love our pets and are dedicating this blog to the care of all animals.

We would not want to have it any other way and hope that everyone grows to love pets as much as we do. Pets just want to be loved.

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